Unity In The Church

It is very important that God’s people stand united. As individuals, we stand alone, but as a church, we stand as one body.

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It is very important that God’s people stand united. As individuals, we stand alone, but as a church, we stand as one body. Is it important to belong to a church body? If it were not important, Jesus would not have founded it when He was here. He began with 12 followers. He invested almost all His time and efforts in teaching them as much as He possibly can. After 33 years, He left, and they took over. From there, seven Christian churches were established, and the number kept increasing.

The Bible refers to the church as the Bride of Christ. Why? The reason is that this is the body that He will in the end take to heaven to live with Him forever. Will the redeemed be composed only of one religion? No! But the redeemed will be composed of one church.

Jesus said,

“And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”(John 10:16)

Focus on the word “fold”. The word “Fold” in this context is the place where sheep are herded at night, a “Sheepfold”. Jesus will have only “One Fold”, “One Church”. His sheep will voluntarily join this “Fold/Church” before He returns in the clouds. Those of us who believe that a church is not necessary may want to reconsider what Jesus Himself said. “them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold.”

Unity in the church body is extremely important. Does that mean everyone will agree on all things? Of course not. However, this body will follow “One Shepherd” “…and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” We are not to look at our leaders or to one another as examples of Christian living. We are all broken and in need of a savior. But by uniting as one body we acknowledge that we are all dependent on one redeemer.

There are countless people out there who believe in God and call themselves Christians. This is the case with all Protestant religions as well as the Catholic Church. Are they all going to be part of this fold? No! People of all these religions will come under one “Fold”, this includes Seventh-day Adventists. In case SDAs think we are the true Church, think again. We all must join the “One Fold” of Christ. To do so we must follow scripture as it is taught and unlearn what we grew up learning.

There is an individual who stated he prefers to be out in nature talking with JC. He lights his cigarette and communes with his buddy JC and has a wonderful time. He does not like the company of church folks because there are too many backstabbers, hypocrites, judgmental critics, and folks who are just plain, not nice. How many times have we, with our behavior, chased people away from the fold? There are others who have no interest in coming back to the church of their youth because of the very same issue. If we would only focus on the shepherd instead of the sheep maybe our attitude will change. God knows, if anybody would be looking at us as an example of Christian living, they may end up missing out on eternity. We are all in need of spiritual healing. We all need Christ. He loves us so much that He gave up His divine nature. He now stands before the Father interceding on our behalf.

Our goal in life as Christians is to be like Christ. We will never succeed, but as long as we keep trying, the goal will always be before us. If we lose sight of our goal, then we become like someone else. The church is a group of people with this common goal. If we are united by this common goal, it is the beginning of our quest for perfection.

The doctrine of the Trinity is a unifying force among most protestant believers because it is a common belief they all hold dear. If by some chance, these insights have persuaded anyone somewhere down the line that these unscriptural doctrines are honoring the deceiver of souls, these insights would have reached their goal. Just because our famous church leaders teach it very eloquently does not mean it is biblical. It just means they are good at it.

The seed is planted. It does not matter if these insights are not convincing. What matters is that the information is put out there for everyone to see. The proof is in the study. Scriptural truth is indisputable. The personhood of the Holy Spirit is not in question, the identity is. The Bible claims there is only one God the Father and only one Begotten Son. There is no other. The Holy Spirit is their presence.

It is not the goal of this ministry to cause disharmony among God’s people, the goal is, however, to chase us to the Bible, to “Prove All Things”. We are commanded to test the spirits, whether they are from God or from the enemy. By so doing, we are in turn researching scripture which is the only safe place to be. If we are deep in the word of God we can not go wrong.