The Uncaused Cause

Many would view the Uncaused Cause reasoning as nonsense. But is it really?


Obed Ortiz

2 min read

It is important to know that people who do not believe in a God entity still cannot justify His non-existence because science itself demands His existence. Evidence of God’s existence can be found even without the bible. All creation bears His signature.

Many would view the Uncaused Cause reasoning as nonsense. Those who believe in the non-existence of God, are perfectly content to believe that the laws of Physics have their exceptions. Cause and effect are strictly enforced in nature except when it no longer suits their philosophy. I believe the laws of Physics are strictly static and exceptions only exist because conditions are dynamic. If all conditions were identical, physical laws would be predictably accurate every time.

It is believed that there is no evidence or proof of the existence of God and the only way anyone can believe in His existence is by way of Faith. Scientists would use science to prove the non-existence of God because science is the study of the observable universe. If it can be observed, it can be proven. But it is by this very method that science itself proves that God exists.

Physics demands that anything that exists must have a cause. So, if the very first thing that showed up in the universe was something called the Big Bang, where did that concentrated particle come from? Scientists are still working on that, but so far these geniuses have not been able to come to grips with the fact that the laws of Physics are being defeated by their nonsense. Yet, Physics still demands that everything that exists must have a cause. So much so, that the only way the law of physics can be satisfied and enforced at the same time is by establishing the existence of The Uncaused Cause.

You see, everything that exists was caused by something or someone. The very first thing that existed in the universe that occupied space/time/matter came about from something that put it there. This power or energy or whatever you want to call it MUST be an uncaused phenomenon, otherwise, the laws of physics demand the question "What then caused the Phenomenon?" It is imperative that the cause of all things be uncaused, otherwise, the trip backward would be infinite, and the only solution is that nothing would have ever existed. Since the universe exists, then it is mandatory that the very first cause of all things was therefore uncaused. That is the only logical place we can look to as the starting point.

Scientists don’t want to admit it, yet they build these expensive, elaborate accelerators that are miles long in an attempt to split atomic particles into their smallest form to come up with something called "The God Particle". How ironic that the very thing they want to disprove, they give the same name. They do this to come up with the answer to the question "Where did everything come from?" The very science they believe in is giving them the answer.

God is the uncaused cause. It is not necessary to have faith to believe this, it is a fact of science. Scientists who do not adhere to their own science are fools with degrees. God is Self-Existent and created all the physical laws we are restrained by. He is not constrained by the things He created. He is the cause and the source of all things.