Distractions and Diversions

Satan’s greatest tool for deceiving humanity is to distract and divert people’s attention so that no one will be able to see the real danger that is unfolding behind the scenes.

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We live in a world with so many things that consume our attention. Our focus is easily redirected to the next greatest fascination that catches our senses. Curiosity is inherent in the human species. Exposure to an infinite number of mental stimuli overtaxes the mind and causes desensitization to such a point that most things that previously were thought to be extraordinary have become ordinary and an everyday boring event.

The Bible states that in the end times people will be living as in the days before the flood and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. (Matthew 24:37, Jude 1:7) But we see the world today and say to ourselves, “Things are not that bad yet, so there must be plenty of time.” Things are already bad; we are just so used to what we see on the news and out on the streets that it has become a common thing and it is now the norm. The more we hear about crimes in our neighborhoods the less we are bothered by it. It’s as if this is the way it has always been. So, it takes a little more now to catch our attention other than the usual murder, suicide, gang rape, or everyday events that make us yawn and say, “What else is new?”

Our minds are being programmed by the entertainment industries by introducing games that teach us how to kill using high-tech virtual weapons. The way that airline pilots are trained using virtual flight simulators, children are trained in the same way using elaborate virtual simulated worlds where they are the heroes chosen to save the world from evil enemies. The blood and gore simulations are very real as the depth of the immersion increases. Adults are caught up in these games as well. But since adults know better, they are less affected by the pretend reality experienced, or are they?

The Bible warns us to guard our minds. (Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 15:19) This applies to young people as well as adults. Whatever we entertain in our thoughts eventually is displayed in our behavior. We are so caught up in the high-technology industry that we go to great lengths to discover the latest invention or discovery. Once we become knowledgeable about it, we try to figure out how we can acquire it. Whether it be information or actual material possession, new technology, and information never cease so our constant hunger for it is never satisfied.

Satan knows us much better than we know ourselves. He has lived among us for about six thousand years. He knows humanity, oh too well. He knows how we think, he knows our vulnerabilities, our strengths, our fears, our desires, and above all, he knows each of our weaknesses. This is an enemy we cannot fight or ever hope to defeat. So, the only way we can keep him at bay is to lay our sorry selves at the foot of Jesus and acknowledge that only through Christ can this battle be won. (James 4:7) This is truly the only way.

Satan has an arsenal full of tactical weaponry to defeat us. Satan cannot touch us or force us to do anything because in the same way, God respects our freedom to choose, Satan is also forced to obey the rules of engagement. Knowing this, he has unlimited resources to cause humans to follow him. Daily, his arsenal keeps increasing. This is what has become his daily “Distractions and Diversions”.

Satan’s greatest tool for deceiving humanity is to distract and divert people’s attention so that no one will be able to see the real danger that is unfolding behind the scenes. The danger is all too real, but it’s hidden from everyone’s sight. What is it that is so important that he must conceal it from everyone’s radar? (1 Peter 5:8) Satan knows he has little time. His goal is to burn as many people as possible in the flames of fire to which he is destined. (Matthew 25:41) Satan has no love whatsoever for humanity. He is filled with hatred and uses all his resources to destroy them all.

Satan’s arsenal of distractions and diversions is quite extensive. He employs them for individuals as well as for the masses. His techniques are flawless and are proven extremely effective. I will list a few of them below. Be aware, however, there are many more in his arsenal of delusions of which we are unaware. Most of these are nothing more than smokescreens to keep us from seeing through the fog. If we were to see what he was up to, we would kick ourselves for falling prey. But even then, we would not be able to figure out his elaborate schemes. (See Video “Time of Deception” by Nader Mansour)

1. Immortality of the Soul

One of Satan’s delusions is the lie that man has an immortal soul. Why is it important to him to make people believe they have an immortal soul? Well, by making people believe this he can follow through with other deceptions. An eternal burning hell for starters. If the soul is not immortal, how then can men believe they can suffer eternal torment? You must believe one before the other. By believing in an eternally burning hell, that kind of paints a slightly different picture of the loving Father in heaven the bible talks about. You live a few decades in sin, but then live the rest of your eternal life in a state of torture. As crazy as that may sound, this is what most people believe. When Malachi 4:3 states that the wicked will be ashes under the feet of the redeemed, it is brushed away as one of those misunderstood verses because, after all, everyone knows that souls leave no ashes, right? They will suffer for an eternity. And then, of course, the souls of the good people go straight to heaven. There is no need for the resurrection because they’re already there. This is what most people believe. So, everything the Bible teaches is set aside in place of an alternate delusion that is not scripturally sound. (The Immortality of the Soul, Is It Scriptural?)

2. Sunday Day of Rest

Here is another beauty. Satan’s counterfeit Sabbath. Exodus 20:8-11 gives no chance of confusion. Yet the masses choose to keep a day that was never blessed or hollowed by God. The most brilliant intellects choose to believe that somehow, somewhere in scripture, it shows that Christ moved the sanctity of the 7th day Sabbath to the 1st day of the week. Without a single statement from Christ or any of His followers to this effect, this delusion is accepted by the masses. Is Satan a genius or what? Yes, he is. Sunday sacredness is observed as a commemoration of Christ’s resurrection. How nice, but where in scripture do you find that? So, what is Satan trying to hide by promoting this lie? His attempt is to eclipse God with himself. By honoring the day of the Sun, which is idol worship, we honor Satan rather than the Lord of the Sabbath. It has always been Satan’s desire to receive the glory that is only due to Christ. Of course, no Christian would intentionally worship Satan. But so many of us do exactly that unknowingly. That’s the beauty about these deceptions. The best of us falls for these delusions not knowing that we are worshiping the very one who is trying to destroy us. (The Sabbath)

3. Trinitarianism

This I believe is the greatest of all delusions. It is one of the greatest diversions from the truth, since Satan’s rebellion in heaven. The bible speaks about the mystery of iniquity, (2 Thessalonians 2:7) this is about the secret power of lawlessness which is already at work. It is Satan and his crown jewel of all deceptions. This deceit has captivated even God’s chosen ones. Most of Christendom has fallen prey to this deception. In the same way that most protestants will not acknowledge that Sunday sacredness is honoring Pagan Rome, which instituted it, neither will they acknowledge that the doctrine of the Trinity is also honoring the same institution that established it. It is one of Satan’s greatest deceptions because even those of us who are reading this deny this fact. The very top leaders of our church acknowledge the fact that there is not even a single scriptural passage that teaches Trinitarianism.

“While no single Scripture passage states the doctrine of the Trinity, it is ASSUMED as a fact… ONLY BY FAITH can we accept the existence of the Trinity.” — (Adventist Review, Vol. 158, No. 31, p. 4)

It would take a good deal of convincing to reacquaint Christians regarding the truth on this matter. It is so ingrained into our lives that nothing but a miracle from God will make us pay attention and accept this as the greatest deception on this planet. We pray for this miracle so that Satan’s greatest delusion can be unmasked. (The One True God of the Bible, Who Was Present At Creation? What About The Trinity?)

4. Evolution

This is one deception that has divided the world in two, those who do not believe in God and those who do. This is one of those deceptions that distract the masses from issues that really matter; issues that impact our eternity. If we do not believe in God, then salvation is not even relevant. These poor souls truly stand without a redeemer. Satan is far too clever to put all his energies into one delusion. He has so many, and they all run like a smooth-running engine. Though still a theory and not one single proven fact, the masses have taken this deception into their homes, their schools, their science, and yes, even in their church. Many religions have adopted evolution by believing that there was a combination of creationism and evolution. Most of what we believe in today has evolutionary concepts. For example, many of us believe our planet’s center core is molten iron. Why? Well, logic dictates that all that pressure build-up would cause tremendous heat. But the truth of the matter is that all our science books say that all the planets came from dying stars. These stars exploded and the remnants became planets. After cooling these hot pieces for millions of years, they are what we see today. So why do we still believe that the core of our planet is molten iron? Because evolution is still ingrained in us and it’s hard to un-brainwash ourselves. Didn’t the bible say that the earth used to be submerged under an ocean of water? (Genesis 1:2) Yet we choose to believe science books over God’s word. It doesn’t matter if we incorporate truth with lies, truth is meaningless if they are based on lies.

5. UFOs

It’s kind of funny that I would include this in the list of Distractions and Diversions. This is not just a great deception; it is a great diversion distracting the masses from matters of greater importance. Are UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) real? Oh yes, you better believe it. There are so many reported sightings all over the world, it is hard not to acknowledge these are happening. So, what part of it is deceiving? Well, the part that says that these are alien visitations from other worlds. That’s the deceptive part. Satan is having a wonderful joy ride with this one. If the world believed that people from other distant planets have been visiting us by way of these flying machines with technology so much more advanced than ours, what chance do we have in believing that God has any control over His own created universe? If He has no control, most likely He doesn’t even exist. Why would God imprison Satan on this planet and yet allow beings from other planets to come here and be infected by the same sinful rebellion this planet succumbed to? No, my friends, the only beings allowed to come to this planet are the angels that are daily guarding His followers and those holding back the winds of strife. Beings from other far-off planets do exist, but they are only far-off observers. None of these beings are allowed to come near. (Aliens or Angels)

6. Wars, Plagues, Pandemics, Global Warming, Media

There are so many distractions I just threw all these as number six. What better distraction and diversion than to throw in a couple of world wars.? After all, it’s great for business. During WW2 the unemployment rate dropped to 10%. So many jobs were created to support the war effort that nearly every individual was employed. The positive effects of the world economy were fantastic. No wonder governments love to keep their defensive arsenal in tip-top shape. The military is one of their greatest investments. Why does Satan prize his beloved “wars and rumors of wars”? Because he loves watching us kill each other. God will not allow him to do it directly, but Satan is an expert at getting it done in so many ways. (How US Companies Profit from War, The Business of War)

Plagues and Pandemics are Satan’s playground. Seeing the masses suffer from incurable diseases brings him great joy and satisfaction. He knows human biology extremely well. When God first created humankind, it was Satan’s primary mission to know how these mortal bodies worked. To do so, he must first have access to individuals voluntarily. Satan, a spiritual being, possessing no physical, mortal substance, cannot use himself as a model. So, he uses methods such as demon possession, alien abductions, studies of chemical interaction with the human body, and many, many more. Those individuals who have no intimate relationship with God and who have systematically rejected his love and redemption have voluntarily surrendered to the enemy. These are the poor souls, Satan has utilized to do his research. As a result, Satan can cause diseases that are incredibly contagious and deadly. He then uses these very ailments to lure the masses to his cures and medical breakthroughs. The masses, like lemmings, chase after these remedies for fear of their life. In this way, and so many others, Satan can control the masses like caged cattle. (3 Truths About Sickness)

Global Warming and Climate Change are the great issues being discussed among world governments. Laws are being instituted to guide the general public in managing energy. As these issues become more prevalent, they also become more urgent in order to save our planet. To do so, world leaders have reached out to one man who can potentially unite the entire planet in a one-world effort. This man is the Pope. He is more than happy to get involved in saving the world from its spiraling demise. His greatest effort has been the institution of the Sunday Blue Laws. His encyclical letter called the “Laudato Si” includes the passing of the Sunday Laws which is currently making its way through world governments. (Pope’s Green Sunday Law)

The Media disseminates news to the public, be it true or be it false. It is a frenzy of journalists competing for the most fascinating story. News agencies create the stories that become the most popular in the world view. This is Satan’s greatest smokescreen blinding the masses from his true intentions. The stories are non-ending. COVID-19, Vaccinations, Stock Market predictions, Politics, Space X, all these issues are vying for our attention and we have no time to look at what’s happening behind the scenes. (Has the Media Created a Smokescreen?, Fake News)

7. The Secret Rapture

The second coming of Christ is now believed to be a secret event. An event that occurs unexpectedly where people just suddenly disappear. Two people may be walking along the sidewalk, one disappears and the other is left behind. This is another one of those successful delusions that have fascinated the masses and many have bought into it hook line and sinker. When we read in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 that Christ will come down with the blast of trumpets announcing His appearance and yells so loud that all the dead wake up, it leaves no doubt that this event is everything but secret. By believing this lie, people are expecting this event to occur one way, just to find out this is not the case. As a result, when the real event occurs, the masses will assume it is some other unexplained phenomenon. It is then that the second coming of Christ will, in fact, catch everyone by surprise because no one expected it in that manner. Believers in the secret rapture hope to be those who are “Taken” rather than being “Left Behind”. In this way, Satan deceives the masses who do not read attentively what Scripture teaches. (Secret Rapture-Taken or Left)

8. A Thousand Years of Peace

The belief that this planet will go through a millennial period of peace is another deception well-accepted by the masses. This lie is very attractive to those who believe there will be plenty more time to be saved way after Christ returns the second time. The danger behind this delusion is that it hides the fact that probation has ended and that all the decisions for life or death have already been made. It gives people a false sense of hope that there is much more time to accept Jesus Christ as a Savior. By falling for this deception, it creates an option that does not exist, which is to wait until Christ returns and reigns here on earth during this millennial period. Then, during this time, a person has a thousand years to choose to give their heart to Christ and be eternally saved. What urgency would anyone have to accept Christ during this current time if this were the case? (The Millennium)

More can be added to this list, but I will conclude with this. We must be students of the bible, not the pulpit. We learn much from what we hear our leaders preach in the pulpit. But do we verify everything we hear with scripture? We must be keen hearers of the word. Our salvation is dependent on our own understanding of God’s word, not someone else’s. Much of what we know, we have learned from the mouth of others. It is now time that we do our own research and see for ourselves what the bible has to say. You have seen and read what I have presented, now dive into the Bible and verify if it is accurate or not. The choice is yours, truth is within your reach. Reach out and take it. Your eternal life depends on it.